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    About ZhenJian
    About ZhenJian
    About ZhenJian
    Zhenjian Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise that designs and produces building doors and windows and home hardware accessories. Factory was established in 2000, now has more than 10000 square meters workshop. Company is located in kaiping city green mountain area near the center of the lake district hui industrial park, mizar double line highway and 325 national road across the district, only 1 km away from the highway entrances and exits, only 1.5 hours to guangzhou, shenzhen, 2 hours, macau for 2 hours, 2.5 hours in Hong Kong, 8 km from central kaiping. Jingguang railway in the new city to the west through the planning of the new and have a depot. Latest inter-city rail transit construction scheme according to the province, about 5 km from the new south to build an inter-city rail connected to the pearl river delta. Company set design, development, production and manufacturing, self-marketing, belong to the one-stop production and operation of industry, and has a group of advanced manufacturing equipment and is engaged in years of technical personnel. Company philosophy: credibility first, quality for this, with innovative ideas, in line with the aim of win-win, first-class service, with customers hand in hand to create the future together!
    • GD Zhenjian company
    • Add:Foshan nanhai big drain 47 phoenix decoration market in the fourth period
    • Phone:+86-0757-85534698/85577856
    版权所有 广东省镇坚五金科技有限公司 粤ICP备15094039号-1
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